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A2007 01808 Mical Washing Powder Tablets 5 in 1 32 Washes

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Composition: This Product Contains, Among Other Ingredients: 30% And More: Phosphates; 5% Or Over But Less Than 30%: Oxygenated Bleaching Agents; Less Than 15%: Polycarboxylates, Non-Ionic Surfactants, Phosphonates. Presence: Enzymes, Perfumes. Instructions for use: Remove all food residue of the dishes. Check that the dishwasher filter is clean. Take the tablet out of its packaging and put it directly in the detergent compartment. If the compartment is too small, put it in the cutlery basket without covering and use a cycle without pre-wash.One tablet per wash. One tablet is sufficient for normal washing needs. For large loads or very dirty dishes, use two tablets. Storage: Seal the package properly after each use and store in a cool dry place. Precautions: Some utensils require special care. Always check the manufacturers care Instructions. Do not use fine crystal delicate, antique or hand -painted Porcelain, decorative glassware, cutlery with bone or wooden handles, Coloured or anodised aluminium or plastics that do not resist temperatures of Over 70ºc. Silverware must not come into contact with stainless steel.

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Ref: A2007 01808 Mical Washing Powder Shipping Weight: 0.832kgs Manufactured by: Miquel
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